Would You Like to Learn Worpdress Fast?

Would it be Possible to Learn Wordpress so Quickly, Build an Amazing Looking Website, Get More Busines Leads, and Learn How to Generate Traffic? So You Won't Have a Lonely Website or Blog.

Stop Confusing Yourself With Low Quality Videos, Spending Hours Searching For Answers on Google, and Have all What You Need in One Place, in a Step by Step Format, Easy to Understand Format.

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Lifetime Access to Easy WP Training Program for $99 ONLY, Click the "Yes, Let Me In" button, and get started RIGHT NOW, in a matter of 5 minutes, you will be cruising through the entire course.

If you really want to make amazing looking websites that generates money online, then you need the Right Website, or Blog, that:

  • Looks Great
  • Communicate the Right Message to Your Audience
  • Easy to Manage and Update (No More Seeking Web Designers and Others For Help)
  • Secure, so you can feel that your information is safe, and your prospects, can feel that they can trust you
  • Help You Make More Money by Promoting Your Product or Service

And By the way, this is not one of those get rich schemes, or make million dollar video...NO....

I am talking about an efficient website or blog that help you:

  • Bring More Leads and Customers, to your Business
  • Sell Your Product and Service Online
  • Get Donations to Whatever Cause You Have
  • Implementing Websites and Blogs, for the Internet Marketing Courses That You Purchased in the Past

If the above resonates with you, then Continue on Reading....Because it gets better..

What I'm trying to say is this: If you insist on make amazing looking, lead generating, and money making website, then mastering wordpress is a must. And learning WordPress and blogging the hard way - by ONLY searching for free videos and tips - you will fail, and you will end up spending tens of hours, for a 5 min answer.

That's like trying to complete a HUGE jigsaw puzzle, for which the pieces always don't fit, which will make you more frustrated and annoyed.

But my friend, there's a better solution though..

Kickstart Your First Amazing Looking WordPress Website or Blog Now in Under an Hour!

If you belive in investing in knowledge - specialized knowledge that is - then I have exactly what your're looking for.

For months, I sat down with my entire team to create more than 185 video tutorials that you can watch right now.

And that's HOW the Easy WordPress Training System was born.

It is A full Comprehensive wordpress video training system designed with YOU ONLY in mind. A system that help you produce instant result, and that you can access, anytime, anywhere, organized and presented depending on what you want. When you go through this training system, you are going to feel almost like I am taking you by the hand and showing step by step, in a very easy look over my shoulder progression.

It will almost feel like I am almost sitting with you in the room, and walking you through every step in a detailed matter that is easy to understand. And if something is not clear, or require further details, then there is a special forum, where you can post questions, about the lessons, and you will get answers from me or other members, and also where you can interact with other members, and learn from others as well.

Here are some other benefits that you will get by becoming a member:

  • Learn WordPress fast, you will be able to create, manage, and update your new wordpress website in about an hour
  • Stop going through low quality videos, trying to raise the volume to understand what the presenter is trying to tell you
  • Organized and Specialized Knowledge, that takes you by hand to get your new website ready the RIGHT WAY! and it feels like you are following a syllabus, and every module is designed to be dependent on the previous one.
  • No fluff, straight to the point lessons, I am sure you appreciate the value of time, and those lessons are designed to save you time, and get you the fastest results possible
  • Start NOW and in under 5 min...You will be accelerating quickly through the lessons, whether it is 2AM, and you don't feel like sleeping, then start learning, using an iPad, or mobile device? Waiting on a bus, or doctor's office? Use that time, and start learning at anytime and from anywhere.
  • I made sure that all videos, are still relevant to the latest wordpress release, and if any changes happen, I will rerecord a new video, to cover that new feature. The bottom line, is I want this easy WP training system, to be the most comprehensive and covers the latest features of the amazing WordPress platform.
  • Not sure about a lesson, or something is not clear, or got a question? Ask it in the member's ONLY community forum, or leave a comment below each lesson - This is not just one way training program, it is an interactive program, where you can ask questions, and get answers.
  • Everything was created with the absolute beginner in mind, so you'll never feel like you're listening to a rambling tech geek, and no one expects you to be a coding coding super-warrior! if you know how to use a mouse, then you are ready!
  • This course was designed for YOU as the entrepreneur! --- a course that knows that you are the creator---- And you want to accomplish tasks as fast as you can, and with this course you will
  • The final result will be a great customizable website, where you can be in charge of every word, and your new website, won't look like a 5 year old website, or website that was created in the 90s

Before I jump to the easy WP Training System, I would like to tell a little bit about who I am, and why I created this training program.

My Name is Tarek Alaaddin - and My Secret Power in Everything I do ONLINE is WordPress.

Tarek Alaaddin pic

So in the past 2 years, I took on blogging very seriously, and created getyourblogready.com, where almost every other week, I recorded a screencast or video, about one of the most reputable wordpress plugins, and I gave my own personal opinion, and posted it on youtube and my website.

This was an awesome experience for me, for helping others, and understanding wordpress user needs, and also polishing my content presentation, and video skills.

Also, I took it upon myself, and promised to improve my communication and my teaching skills, I attended many communication seminars, and read over 10 books, about communication, and sales and marketing. Because I didn't want to be just the geek who is talking about wordpress.

My experience with getyourblogready.com, also helped me improve my video skills, and my video editing skills, and I can see that progression through the time, that I produced the first video, to the videos that you are going to see inside this training program.

And I also, decided, to go one step further, and decided to seek teachers, who I learned from them, how to use video and the power of screen capture (screencasts) to make my teaching even more effective, and more easier to learn for you to consume and to learn.

As you can see the effort that I put into this training, it didn't just come because I have a computer science degree, or because I know wordpress. It was the result of multiple skills, that I had to learn to produce it in the best way possible to make it easy for you to master the art of wordpress websites and blogs, and how to use this tool to make money.

Many of my friends and family, ask me, how can I maintain and sustain all these expenses of hosting getyourblogready.com, creating free content and almost everything on there, is free.

Well...The Secret is wordpress. I have been using my knowledge of wordpress as my cash cow, for the past 3 years.

Because with wordpress I am able to:

  • Make Money by Building websites for clients all my client websites are built upon the wordpress
  • Making money off my websites, since all my wordpress websites are lead generating tools, most of my customers found me online, and we started a profitable working relationship, and many I never met even in person yet
  • by improving websites, where my clients, hired other designers, and they weren’t thrilled by the results, usually my answer in this case let's wordpress it, and usually it is cheaper to go that route

I have been saving and creating other people’s websites for the past 14 years now. I used almost all different ways to do websites, and blogs, and I will tell you something, wordpress is the ultimate winner.

See back in the 1990s websites were really difficult to to design and build.

You have to code everything by hand, you have to get photos taken, needed bunch of expensive software, you have to manually design every single graphic element on the site, and any feature other than striaght up information was really difficult.

Back then, if you wanted to change a word, on a website, it can almost take you an hour, now if you are paying someone to do it for you, think about the cost?

But today that’s absolutely not the case. and that’s because thanks for wordpress.

Now the way I like to explain it is like this... your website is like your home on the web..
Your URL, is your address, basically that’s what people need to know, in order to visit you..and knock on your door.

Your WordPress website is the actual house, now how the exterior appearance and how it is appealing to the eyes, and how many windows, and how many doors, and what kinda floor, that’s your theme. And that's what you decide.

The appliances, that you put inside of your house, those are your plugins.  those plugins basically are extra functionality that wasn’t there initially..and some plugins are so useful some actually you cannot live without, think AC or Heaters Analogy of the house.

Good example of plugins can be, contact forms, ecommerce functionality, amazing marketing tools like popup generators, and membership sites functionality and so much more...

And YOU, are the Host, the more skilled, in constructing your online home, the more at ease your home visitors (website visistors) will feel.


WordPress makes building websites fun..it is so easy to use and easy to configure...

And that's why I created the Easy WP Training System. To make it easy for you to start with wordpress all the way to mastery. All topics  are covered, starting from how to purchase a domain name, that captures attention, all the way, to advanced topics such as membership sites, and promoting your wordpress website or blog.

Through this simple yet powerful step-by-step video instructions, you'll discover:

Module 1: Website and Web Hosting Basics (14 Lessons) Retail Value: $67.00

In this Module, you will learn how to master website and blog basics, and how to manage your web hosting account. Your web hosting account account like the shopping center, that you rented a space in, and that's where your new website or store front will reside.

By the way, most people don't know, the tips and tricks in this module, there are so many free tools that comes with your web hosting that's when utilized properly, can save you time, money, and lots of hassle.

You are going to learn:

  • How to Select and Purchase a Domain Name (domain name is like your store name or website name), but not just any domain, but the the Right Domain That Captures Attention and resonates with your prospects and visitors
  • How to Register Your New Domain Name, in Under 5 Minutes (it is so easy to register domain names)
  • How to Get an Amazing Deal on a Great Web Hosting Account, so That You Can Have your Website UP and Running, in a matter of an hour
  • How to Master Your Web Hosting Account, and Some Secrets and Features that Already Available for you that can save you time and money
  • How to link your domain name and web hosting account, correctly, so you can have them working together correctly
  • How to use a free software to transfer files from your own computer, to your web hosting account, and how to upload them correctly, so you can see right away being active on your web hosting account
  • How to create, and check email accounts associated with your own domain name (.com name) so that you can look more professional, build credibility (stop using that yahoo email, when trying to do business), and start creating your own brand
  • How to use a simple tool, to cut down or eliminate spam to your email accounts, so you can focus on the email messages that matter to you, and stop useless email distraction and be more productive and efficient
  • How to setup email autoresponders, similar to the out of the office reply, so you can communicate clearly with whomever is trying to contact you
  • How to protect folders and files on your web hosting account, so you can prevent unauthorized access to the files and folders on your web hosting account, and stop anyone from stealing files from you
  • How to create your own databases (I know might sound complicated) but actually is not. Learning and mastering this, you will be able to take advantage of tons of free software that are available to you, which can save you lots of money and effort
  • How to create password protected directories on your web host. Once a directory is protected, when someone tries to access any link to a file inside this directory, they will need to enter a username and password in order to proceed
  • How to hide your affiliate links by using a redirect link that you can create using your web hosting account. No Premium Plugins Required, and you can do that for free
  • How to divide your website into categories, and use a powerful feature, inside your web hosting account, to create sub domains, so you can get better search engine ranking, and with no cost for you
  • How to have multiple domain names pointing to the same wordpress website or blog, with no hassle or issues, in under 5 min
  • How to Backup your Web Hosting account, so that you can change web hosting easily in case you are not happy with the current one, and also to recover quickly and easily if any disaster occured

Module 2: Wordpress Step By Step (21 Lessons) Retail Value: $97.00

In this Module, you will learn how to install and configure wordpress the right way, and how to prepare your new wordpress blog for your new venture or your new idea, and how to publish your content.

You are also going to learn:

  • How to Install WordPress Automatically, and get it up and running in under 5 min with no hassle or no frustration, you will be so impressed how easy it is, and you will be wondering how come I didn't do this before
  • How to Install WordPress Manually like a Pro, with an FTP software and MySQL, you will learn 4 necessary must know, steps to get this right
  • How to Cleanup Your WordPress Website, and remove unnecessary posts, pages, so you can have a clean slate, to get your new wordpress website or blog ready
  • How to Setup the RIGHT Permalink structure, so you can get better SEO Ranking (Hint: Not Doing This Right Can Actually Negatively Affect Your Search Engine Ranking)
  • How to Start Publishing Posts and Pages, and Start Producing New Content, as Easy as writing an email? (You will be impressed)
  • How to Setup Your WordPress Dashboard according to your liking, so you can be more productive and more efficient, and know where everything is?
  • How to use hyperlinks, and featured images on your posts, so you can make your content more appealing and more useful to your readers? (Pictures are worth of 1000 words)
  • How to Add/Format Images on Your WordPress posts, so You Can Make those Images suit your blog post design, which will increase readership, and will make your blog appear more valuable
  • How to Start Installing and Updating Plugins Automatically so You Can Add More Functionality to Your Website (Hint: Over 20000 Plugins Available in the WordPress Repository) , also you will learn how to find them, and update them automatically right from your wordpress dashboard
  • Since not every wordpress plugin can be installed automatically, but in this video you will learn how to install plugins manually, learning this technique, you will be able install ANY WordPRess Plugin  you want the RIGHT WAY and avoid making mistakes that cause you more hassle and waste your time
  • How to Start Installing and Updating Themes so You Can Make Your Website Look Great and Impress Your Website Visitors, you will learn how to install thousands of Free Themes Available right from your wordpress dashboard.
  • How to customize your wordpress blog or website navigation, add, remove, and update navigation, so you can make it easy for your website visitors to go through your content, posts, and pages, which will make them come back, because of their positive experience on your wordpress website or blog
  • How to use widgets, so you can add more cool features to your wordpress website or blog sidebar, or footer, so that you can update any content on your worpdress website or blog quickly and easily
  • how to add new users to any WordPress blog, and how to control exactly what each user can see, access and control
  • How to interact with your wordpress website or blog visitors with comments, and how to set effective comment policy to cut down on spam, and enforce comment integrity, and to ensure that no inappropriate comments get posed on your wordpress website
  • How to deal with comment spam, and a cool effective plugin, that can help you almost eliminate it. Learn how get it for FREE, install it, and eliminate comment spam almost forever!
  • How to Upgrade your WordPress Blog or Website Automatically, and Manualy, and error free. WordPress gets updated regularly, and I will show you how to update your wordpress installation right from the dashboard, or using FTP if needed.
  • And Many Other Topics

Module 3: Advanced WordPress Techniques Part I (7 Lessons) Retail Value: $69.00

In this Module, you will learn how :

  • How to Install a Static Page to Your WordPress Blog or Website, so you can configure your home and front page, and make it look more professional, and more appealing to your website visitors, so it won't look just like a standard blog
  • How to create a Special Blog Page, a page that lists all your blog posts organized in chronological order so you can make your wordpress blog or website, be more organized, and make it easier for your users to navigate and see your content
  • Learn a quick tip, that can make your blog appear so professional and help you build your brand,  this tip alone will help you  increase your visibility, help build your branding, and I’d say it helps you network because others can identify you as a real person
  • Want to know, who is coming to your wordpress website or blog? How long they are staying on your website? And how they are finding you? Start knowing your website visitors inside this module
  • a WordPress plugin, and another online tool, that will help you get subscribers, and how to syndicate your content quickly and easily, so you can make your content widely accessible on all platforms, and make it even easier to get more subscribers, and start building your subscriber list
  • How to easily migrate your blog content from Blogger.com to your own self-hosted WordPress blog, so you can take advantage from your already published content, in your new wordpress website or blog
  • You will learn how to move yor content, from one site to another, this video alone will save you lots of grief, and you will be able quickly and easily import/export your content, whether you decided to create a new site, or merge two websites's content together
  • Want to avoid duplicate content? You can be penalized by Google because of that. Learn how to delete and get rid of your wordpress website or blog, forever, with few clicks

Module 4: Advanced WordPress Techniques Part II (7 Lessons)  Retail Value: $47.00

In this Module, you will learn:

  • How to embed audio sales letters, testimonials or interviews into your wordpress website or blog so you your website visitors can hear your voice, and provide valuable content
  • How to utilize contact forms, so your website visitors can contact you quickly and easily inquire about your product or service, without exposing your own email address which will reduce junk emails into your inbox
  • How to Edit WordPress Theme CSS Styles, so you can do minor adjustments to your cascaded style sheets, and change the appearance of your wordpress blog or website to your own personal liking.  May be you want to change the color or font size of a particular section in your theme, with this lesson you will know how to do that
  • How to write new content, save drafts, and publish content to your WordPress blog even if you're offline or have no internet connection! so you can always be creating content wherever you are (planes, cars, trains) and with that you will always have content ready when you need it
  • How to utilize a Comment Management System, that will provide you with better features than the original wordperss comment system, which will add more social features to your websites, such as voting. Which will make your wordpress website or blog the coolest place to hangout and participate in a conversation
  • How to become a professional wordpress designer with this amazing theme totally explained in this module. You will be able to design professional looking, SEO friendly, customizable wordpress website, using this premium theme, which laid out in detail in  this module, so that you can start designing wordpress websites for other people and make more money (high demand for wordpress designers)

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

 If for ANY reason, you are not completely satisfied with your membership, I will refund every cent to your bank account. Come into the member’s area and kick the tires, go through the videos, and check the information quality. I am are very confident that you will gain a lot of value in your membership. However, if you would like a refund, for any reason whatsoever, then come back to this page and click on this support link to submit a refund request. Once I receive your refund request, I will process it within 24 hours – guaranteed!

Module 5: Make Money with WordPress (6 Lessons) Retail Value: $99.00

In this Module, you will learn, you will learn 6 different ways to make money using your wordpress website

  • How to use some of Google Tools to make money, and become part of google display network?
  • How to Add Fresh Content to your own wordpress for free, even you didn't write it, so that you can get more love and more organic traffic from Google
  • How to use a special plugin, so you can syndicate YouTube videos to your blog as brand new blog posts, complete with comments! In this lesson I reveal how to create a "video blog" that updates itself using content from YouTube.com on autopilot
  • How to turn create membership websites using wordpress, so you can start making money using your own premium content (very similar to what I have here)
  • How to make money using affiliate marketing, without having a product of your own, by selling other premium products, and earning huge commissions (In some cases you can earn up to 75% commission) . I will show you how easy it is to find profitable products to promote, then how to create your own unique "HopLink" and finally how to insert it into the content of your WordPress blog or website
  • How to utilize wordpress widgets, so you can start selling ads on your wordpress blog or website

Module 6: SEO and Link Building (9 Lessons) Retail Value: $89.00

In this Module, you will learn, you will learn the basic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How to Start Building Links to Your Website to get higher ranking

  • How to utilize 2 amazing free tools, to give you more information about how to find profitable niches, those tools are vital for your wordpress blog or website, and into your effort of making money online
  • How to use a basic spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel) to filter, clean up, and manage hundred of keywords easily.
  • How to use an amazing popular plugin, to enhance your wordpress website effort and hit 3 Birds in one stone to say other way, this FREE Plugin will replace the work of 3 different plugins, all in one plugin, and also in this lesson you will learn about 11 factors that can improve and make you skyrocket your google ranking
  • How to use an amazing plugin, to track your SEO rank of your wordpress blog or website. You will be able to rank your SEO rank, and see how ranking improve after implementing the many SEO Tips and Tricks introduced in this module. You will also be able to visualize your traffic flow in response to ranking changes and receive emails notifying you of major rank changes. (this lesson alone is worth the price of the this module) 
  • How to use a premium plugin, to almost act like your SEO coach, who will rank your the SEO effectiveness of each bog post and give you tips to improve your the SEO ranking of each page.
  • How to master the art of link building. This lesson serves like LinkBuilding101, you will learn what types of links can you build, and how do they work? (Let's face it The more links you have, the better off you are in terms of search engine rankings).

Module 7: List Building Tips (8 Lessons) Retail Value: $37.00

As they always say "The Money is in the List"

In this Module, you will learn, all aspects of Email Marketing, and Email Auto Responders.

You will learn:

  • How to sign up to one of the best Email Marketing platforms, so you can start creating profitable customer relationships for your online business through your wordpress blog or website through the use of Email Marketing
  • How to create and set-up your first Email list, naming your list right and creating a web form to capture names and email addresses, so you can start generating a list of leads and prospects
  • How to deliver a sequence of email messages to your subscribers, so you can start building a relationship with them, all in autopilot, create it once and get it going, with NO INTERVENTION on your end
  • How to create professional emails and newsletters to your subscribers, so you can create those email messages now, and schedule them for later which will increase your list readership and interact better with you and your content
  • How to Create Professional Email optin form codes, and cool thank you pages, and put them in your WordPress blog's sidebar as well as in individual posts and pages? so you can more people to join your list your subscriber list
  • How to analyze the effectiveness of your optin forms, so you can continue to improve till you get the version that converts better and get you more subscribers
  • How to set-up a "Blog Broadcast" in your account and link it to your blog's RSS feed. I reveal exactly how to do this and the most important things to avoid, so you can automate your content distribution to your list, whenever you post new content to your blog, emails will be generated and emailed automatically at a time that you specify, so that you can save lots of time, and become more efficient

Module 8: Social Media Marketing (5 Lessons) Retail Value: $30.00

Social Media Marketing, is very important for you because:

  1. Increase YOUR Trustworthiness, when people are connected with you socially, you will appear more trustworthy
  2. If you are planning to do business online, social media marketing, can get you more prospects, leads and customers
  3. You will be able to generate LOTS of FREE Traffic to your wordpress blog or website using those tools

In this module you are going to learn about 3 different tools, that are so effective to your social media marketing effort.

  • How to use 1 Amazing Social Media Tools that will pump relevant information from various social networking sites into one convenient place, so that you can monitor and spread your messages all from one place, and with one click. So you can save time, effort, and focus
  • Learn how to use twitter effectively to spy on your competition, how to tweet right, and things to avoid when tweeting. How to condense your message so efficiently that you get your point across with the least amount of letters
  • How to use an impressive tool, that will help you take much better control of your twitter account, give you more information about what's going on with your followers, and you will be able to schedule future tweets, and manage unlimited twitter accounts from one interface. And also a quick tip that will improve your productivity when monitoring social media
  • How to use another social media tool, that can help derive hundreds of visitors and traffic to your wordpress website or blog, and also this tool will allow you to add common sharing buttons, which will help you get more social media exposure
  • How to utilize the current king of all social media networks FaceBook, on your wordpress website, or blog, so you can take advantage of all the traffic that facebook gets and use that to your advantage on your wordpress blog or website
  • You will also learn how to integrate facebook the right way with your website, how to add a fanbox to your wordpress blog or website so you can easily and quickly add it to your wordpress blog or website
  • How to promote your wordpress website or blog using facebook ads, or using facebook recommend, so you can get more traffic from facebook

Module 9: Advanced WordPress Website Features (5 Lessons) Retail Value: $79.00

This Module is still in the works, the content has been recorded, and should be available Sept 1st, 2012

Inside this module you will learn and see:

  • How to add image sliders to your wordpress website so you can have an amazing looking professional home page, and also, show your product or service offering to your website visitors in a cool and interactive way. You will learn how to set it up, how to adjust the animation and the effect, and finally how to put on your wordpress blog or website.
  • How to make your wordpress website or blog a mobile friendly website, so you don't miss out, on mobile traffic, and make your website content accessible through different mobile devices
  • How to setup a forum, so you create your own community on your wordpress website or blog, if you login to the member's area, you will be see a good example of what I am talking about. Forums will get your more traffic and better search engine optimization, and also reduce your bounce, which I am going to explain in detail inside this training
  • How to backup and restore your wordpress blog or website, so you can be ready for any disaster, if anything wrong happens, you will be able to do that with one plugin without spending $100 on premium plugins - knowing how to use this plugin alone, will save you the price of the admission of the entire training program.
  • How to start accepting payments or donations, on your wordpress blog or website, so you can start making money and make  it easy for your customers or prospects, to pay you

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

 If for ANY reason, you are not completely satisfied with your membership, I will refund every cent to your bank account. Come into the member’s area and kick the tires, go through the videos, and check the information quality. I am are very confident that you will gain a lot of value in your membership. However, if you would like a refund, for any reason whatsoever, then come back to this page and click on this support link to submit a refund request. Once I receive your refund request, I will process it within 24 hours – guaranteed!
All These Modules are DESIGNED to Give You One Thing and One Thing Only, a REAL Tangible Result

I made sure to cover all aspects of wordpress website or blog, all the way, starting to scratch, to finishing up your website, to getting traffic, SEO, and promoting it on social media. To Give you the RESULT That YOU WANTED.

The result of creating the right websites that are 10 to 100 times as valuable as the ones you’re creating now or thinking to create now using some other tools, and the result is that you’ll sell more stuff, and accomplish more goals with your new wordpress website or blog.

Your website visitors will get more value from it. And when your customer/website visitor enjoys the experience at your website (because it is done right), and realize how informative it is, they’ll tell everyone else about it. I want your visitor to call you or email you, and tell you, "thank you, your website was a great help".

And at the end of the day I want you to have the success that you deserve. Because having effective website, is almost like having one of the most essential pillars, and the most important tool, to get your message across to the entire world.

The result of having more success with having a good website, a website that influences your prospect, get you more leads, donations, and help you sell your product or service??

You will have more power in life.

You will be able to influence more people.

And attract the types of people that you want, and you stop repelling everyone from you. Does this make sense?

When you have really valuable effective website, you will be able to create the money that you need to reach your goals.

When you don’t do this, when you don’t have the effective website a website that's designed with what you have envisioned in mind, you won’t attract the type of people that you need in your life;  you won’t get the results that you want;and you literally have no power and influence.

I really think of a great website as being the core of a great business, and one of the most important tools.

So this is one your business and success pillars.

And that's how you spread your message.


Another benefit of having a well designed websites or blog is that,  it allow you to replicate your success. Instead of you showing up, your website can show up. And if it is well designed, and have an an amazing content, and understand your prospect and your customer, it can be as good or better than having you in person.

And ultimately, I think that, if you create really amazing website or blog, with really spectacular information, you can help and go on to change the world. Your information and ideas, and your website as a communication medium can actually go on to make the world a better place. Because you are able to convey your great transformational ideas through your website successfully, and reach most of your prospects.

How Much Would You Pay Now?

If you’ve read this far, you’re clearly interested, and because this is the start of a long-term relationship, I’m going to just be completely honest with you.

I want you to be a subscriber to the Easy WP Training Program

With so much information floating around in cyberspace it becomes IMPOSSIBLE and OVERWHELMING to know what to do and what not to do.

It is absolutely critical to have an organized, strategic well trusted adviser. And I want to be your virtual adviser, through this training program.

It’s no joke when I say that this organized information and this  program can literally save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of wasted hours. In fact, this training, can mark a new begining, if you are new to wordpress, websites and blog.

Not only you will save thousands of dollars but lots of hassle and money, of paying other website designers, to implement all this for you. But once you go through all these modules, and bonuses, you will have a clear understanding, of how you can make it happen yourself, and how to design the right website, that gets your message to the world, and help you promote yourself, or product or service.

Now Here is How Much it WON'T be?

You know, if you were to hire me to take you through just the videos in Module 1, you would pay $85 an hour. I would estimate that module 1 videos, are about 2 hours long. That’s $170 for just for module 1. Now if we add up, the other remaining 8 modules, and 3 bonus modules, that will be released very soon. You are talking about minimum $2000 fair and square.

And let's say you know what, I am going to hire someone to do this for me. How much would a descent web designer will charge you?

I do website design through wordpress for a living, and the cheapest website I charge is $900, for just a simple website.

But in this program, you are getting a lifetime, wealth of information, that you can utilize for the months and years to come.

Here’s the GOOD NEWS… I won’t charge you…$2000, or $900

Not even half of that....

Because you are in the early notification list, and thus you reading this far, I have a feel that you are an action taker, the whole Easy WP Training will be for you and only you for $99.

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Okay, You Have Some Questions…

Q. I’m really bad with technology and computers, can I still learn to be a professional wordpress blogger?

Absolutely! The beginner course was designed to be a “watch-and-follow” guide. And if you get stuck along any of the lessons, you can access support within each individual lesson! As long you know, how to use a mouse and keyboard, that's the most skill that you are going to need.

Q. I already have a website/blog, can I still benefit from this training?

Yes! I highly recommend existing bloggers to take our Advanced course which covers very intimiate professional blogging secrets. These include creating and editing your own themes, building membership sites with WordPress and revealing multiples ways of making money with your blog!

Q. I want to design a professional website can I do this?

Yes! You can, you will learn how to dedicate a homepage, and how to create image sliders on your image, all with free tools. You are going to learn how to create a contact us page as well. And also, you will learn how to create a blog too.

Q. Will I get help with each lesson?

Yes! Each lesson has it is own page, you can leave a comment with a question, you can participate in the forum, or finally if you want to ask a private question, that you don't want anyone else to see, just drop me a line, at the support page, and you will get a response.

Q. Is there any hidden charges or recurring fees?

No! If You are reading this now. You will get a lifetime membership, to this training program, with no recurring fees. Although I might change the price structure, and the membership level, in the future. so hurry up and get your membership NOW!

Q. Can I see the course syllabus before registering as a paid member?

Yes. In fact, you can register as a Free Member here and get the first 5 lessons in Module 1 for free. Alternatively, you can register on any of the paid memberships and get access to all our content for 60 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied just email us using the “support” link above and we will refund you 100% of your course fees.

If For Any Reason You're Not Impressed, get a Refund and
You Can Still have Access to Module 1 and Module 2 On ME (valued @ $49)

Pretty sweet deal, right?

You (literally) have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you feel that training is inadequate, I will refund your money, and still give you access to Module 1 and Module 2, for FREE!!!!!

So think about it, you are accessing this training program for 50% off the after launch price, and you got 30 days full money back guarantee.

So what you waiting for? Go For IT, and Start making money with wordpress and your new website or blog.

Lifetime Access to Easy WP Training Program for $99 ONLY, Click the "Yes, Let Me In" button, and get started RIGHT NOW, in a matter of 5 minutes, you will be cruising through the entire course.