How to Transfer Files From Your Computer to Your Web Hosting Account

FTP Access

In this training, I am going to show you how to transfer files, from your local computer, all the way to your web hosting account.

You will need to master this, because your files, will never make it to your web hosting account, and no one will ever be able to see them.

In order for your files to be visible online, they need to reside on a web server, and in this training, I am going to show exactly how to do that.

What's FTP?

FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol. A protocol is a set of rules that networked computers use to talk to one another. And FTP is the language that computers on a TCP/IP network (such as the internet) use to transfer files to and from each other.

You’ve probably encountered FTP out there on the net already. Ever downloaded a fresh nightly build of Firefox or grabbed MP3s from some kid’s personal server in Sweden? Then you have probably used FTP without even knowing it. Today’s web browsers allow you to download files via FTP from within the browser window. It’s very convenient, and it’s great for those times you need to download a file or two, but the browser-download method does not offer much in the realm of flexibility. You can’t upload, force a particular transfer mode, or ask the server any questions. And don’t even get me started on the security issue. But if you are doing any sort of web development, you need all this functionality.

The best way to pursue file transfers is with a bona fide FTP client. You use an FTP client to log into an FTP server, navigate the server’s folder structure, and exchange files. That’s pretty much all FTP clients do — unlike Web browsers, FTP clients are tailor-made for such duties. As far as stand-alone FTP clients go, there are literally hundreds out there. Some are free, some are more expensive than a night on the town.

We’ll take an in-depth look at the joy of using an FTP client in the pages that follow, but first, let’s look at exactly how an FTP session works.

Also I am going to show you, how to download, and install one of my favorite FTP clients, FOR FREE, and how to use it.

Best FTP Clients for Windows and the Mac:

Windows Clients

An easy-to-use and entirely free application called FileZilla is a great place to start. It was created by an open source community headed by Tim Kosse, and even though the user interface is a little intimidating, FileZilla has all of the features you’ll need to get cracking.

Mac OS X Clients

If you’re using a Macintosh, most people point you toward Fetch Softworks’ ever-popular Fetch client. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it costs $25 per user license.

A personal favorite client for the Mac is Panic’s Transmit. It has the cleanest user experience I’ve ever encountered in an FTP client. Transmit costs $24.95 per user license.

An excellent free FTP client for Mac OS X is Fugu. The user interface is a tad spare, but Fugu supports ultra-secure OpenSSH SFTP encryption.

The free FileZilla client is also available for the Mac.

In this training, we mostly focus on filezilla, and once you finish this lesson:

  • you will become very proficient with filezilla, and you will be able to manage multiple sites, using filezilla.
  • You will learn how to find your FTP Server Address, and how to setup your username and password, to access your ftp account
  • You will be able to upload files, quickly and easily to your web hosting account, so everyone in the world, can see
  • You will learn a quick tip using filezilla, so you don't have to worry about remembering your ftp username and password all the time.

So if the above sounds appealing to you, and you would like to master these skills, with high quality step by step video, then click the button below, and get started with a very special discounted price and become a member with the Easy WordPress Training Program.

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