How to Protect Your Files and Folders with File Index Manager

Protect Files and Folders

In this post, I am going to share with you a tip, and a security hole that most Website Owners don't  know about, and which may lead to expose some important files, and images, to anyone in the world, on your cPanel web hosting account, without you actually knowing.

If you apply what I am going to share with you here, you will get more power and influence because you will be able to prevent the pry eyes from accessing some of your important and vital files that exist on your web hosting account. Also, you will be more respected, trusted, and will appear to have more credibility because your website users, or visitors, will feel more secure dealing with you, because they will get the feeling that you care about them and their security, by making your website, secure. Also Finally, you will be able to achieve more, and accomplish more, because one unauthorized access, to an important file that you aren't aware of, can set you back, and might cause some damage to your website, and to your business, that will lead you to lose lots of money, your business, and your reputation.

The tool I am talking about, it is an advanced tool in your Advanced Tools section in your CPanel Web Hosting account. Called the Index Manager. With Index Manager, you will be able customize the way a directory will be viewed on the web.

When accessing a directory (rather than a page) on your site, a visitor will typically see the index page for that directory. If no index page exists, the browser will display a list (or index) of the files in that directory.

Using the Index Manager, it is possible to define how a specific directory index will appear to those who access it. You can also turn off indexing, if you don’t want a directory’s contents to be visible.

And here is how you can utilize this tool, and secure your folders on your web hosting account:

  1. Select the directory in which you wish to begin navigating your website's contents using the pop-up window.
  2. To navigate the Index Manager, click the folder icon next to the directory name.
  3. Click the name of the directory for which you want to change the indexing style.
  4. cPanel offers 4 options; select 1 of the following:
    • Standard Indexing: Contents appear only as filenames.
    • Fancy Indexing: Information about the files, such as the size and time last modified, appear.
    • Default System Setting: The default defined by your web host will be used.
    • No Indexing: The contents of the directory are not listed; visitors will see a message stating that the contents are “forbidden.” - This will be the option that I recommend that you select.
  5. Click Save.

And also refer to the screenshot below:

CPanel Index Manager

So now....As you can see, it is very quick and easy to protect your folders, and make sure that nothing is accessible to unauthorized users, it only take less than a minute to implement, and yet it is very powerful. Go Do it now,  and know, that are lots of hackers, who are always going on line, and looking for a new victim to pry on. And with few clicks you can prevent this from happening. So go now, and apply this simple tip, and save yourself, lots of time, hassle, and protect your web hosting account privacy.

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