How to Register a Domain Name?

Domain Name Registration

The domain name, is the first piece of the puzzle when starting a new website or blog.

Benefits of a Domain Name:

In today's business world, a domain name and a web presence are a must. All major businesses have a domain name. The Internet is now a part of everyday business life and your domain name is your identity on the Internet, that's how people find you, and visit your online real estate.

You can think of your domain name, as your sign, so if you have a physical store, I am sure you are going to invest some money, and create a sign, so that customers and prospects, can find you. The same goes, for the domain name, it is like your online sign, with it, they can access your online presence.

A business web site without a domain name is difficult to find and looks unprofessional.

The Web is where people and customers around the world find information about you, your products and your services - 24 hours a day. Here online buyers, suppliers and partners come together. Securing a domain name ensures that you and your business can be easily found on the internet.

For less than $15 - You can register your own domain name.

Here are some of the benefits of registering your own domain name:

1) Equal Access Opportunity: No matter how big your business is, everyone has access to your website, using your domain name, you have the same chances, just like the big companies or famous business.

2) More Professional: with a website, you or your business will look more professional, and will preserve your brand, as well. Not having a domain name that resembles you or your business, will make you a look unprofessional, and amateur.

3) Easy To Remember and locate, people can easily forget where you located physically, but your domain name, they can easily find you, or with few searches they can locate your website.

What's a domain name:

Somewhat like international phone numbers, the domain name system helps to give every Internet server a memorable and easy-to-spell address. Simultaneously, the domain names keep the really technical IP address invisible for most viewers..

Some example Internet domain names:


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