How to Create Emails to Your Domain in CPanel

With the rising use of email addresses it is important to consider long-term sustainable use of your email address. The vast majority of internet users use their email address provided by their ISP, which is very wrong. Think about it, let's say you move, or you decide to change internet providers, you will lose that email account, which will result in so many hassles, for you, notifying others, and you are going to definitely forget few people, and also, for the people who contact you via email every once in a while, who are not aware of the email address change.

This post discusses each of these accounts, and the potential problems associated with them, and then presents the advantages of owning your own email address.

Here is why you should use your domain name for email addressing?

1) Branding Purposes.....So let's say you own - and you send an email to prospects or family members with, this might intrigue some of your email receivers to check your website, which deepens your brand.

2) You can keep this email address for life, if you decide to, because it is yours, you own it, and as long you are paying the reasonable domain provider fees annually. You are set.

3) You can have the freedom, to create many accounts, that carries that domain name, so for instance, you can have an email address, for your assistant, like for example:, or, and the sky is the limit here.

In the previous post, I showed you how to configure and sign up for a web hosting account.

Now in this post, I am going to show you, how to create Email Accounts using your CPanel Hosting Account.

Here is how you create an account using CPanel:

1) Login to your CPanel Account

2) Click on the Email Accounts icon.

3)To add a new email address:

  1. Type the email address to be created in the Email field.
    • If you manage more than one domain, make sure to select the appropriate domain from the pull-down menu.
  2. Type the password in the Password field.
  3. Retype the password in the Password (again) field.
    • You can click the Password Generator link to have a strong password generated for you. For more information, read our Password Generatordocumentation.
  4. Type the quota in the Mailbox Quota field.
    • The quota defines how much hard drive space the account will be allowed to use.
    • PICK Important: Due to mail server constraints, quotas cannot be greater than 2048 MB. Quotas exceeding this amount must be unlimited.
  5. Click Create Account.

Existing addresses are displayed in a table. Using this table, it is possible to:

  • See how much disk space the account uses.
  • Change a password.
  • Change a quota limit.
  • Delete an email address.
  • Access an account through webmail.
  • Configure a mail client.

Inside this training, I show all these steps in details, you will be almost like looking over my shoulder, and watching everything I do in detail.

Also, inside the easy WordPress Training Video Course, I also show you:

1) How to check your email in CPanel, will show the web interface, so you can very quickly access your email, read it, delete it, or do whatever you want with it

2) How to Blog Spam using Spam Assassin in CPanel so that you can minimize all the junk emails that everyone is complaining about, you will have a much cleaner inbox, where ONLY the emails that matters, will be received by you

3)  How to setup an Auto Responder, very similar to your out of your office, or on vacation reply, so that you can notify the person who is contacting you with your availability, or how soon you can respond to that person.




If you have been following all the lessons step by step, you shouldn't have a problem, and everything should work very smoothly for you. And also....You should always create an Email Account, associated to your own domain name, which is way more professional, than using your ISP email account, gmail, or hotmail.

If you want to:

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