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Welcome to The Easy WP Training

WordPress has become the #1 platform, for building and managing any kind of website or blog. Whether you want an eCommerce Website, a Website for your business, or just a Simple blog WordPress can deliver.

If you want to:

  • Create a fully functional Blog, so that you can express your ideas, and your thoughts and share your knowledge with the world
  • Build a website for your business, so you can get more visitors, and more customers, and show your product or service
  • Stop spending $1000 of Dollars on Web Designers, and Start taking matters in your own hand , and work on Updating and Maintaining
  • your own website Content Quickly and Easily(almost like editing a MS Word Document and Few Clicks)
  • Build a website but think it is too hard or too complicated, and tired from searching the Web for answers and ways to get your new website started
  • Establish a Career and Learn New Skill that Works Around WordPress and Website Design
With 160 step by step Videos, and over 9 Hours of Detailed Clearly Explained How To Videos.

You will almost feel like you are with me in the room sitting together and you are looking over my shoulder as I show you, everything you need to learn along with all the shortcuts and the other tools that I use, to save you time and effort and ALSO MONEY.

The easy WordPress Training System, is divided, into 9 Modules, so you can learn at your own pace, from any device at anytime and from anywhere. All you have to do, is just login to your LIFETIME membership area, and you will have access to the best WordPress How TO training.

In the Easy WordPress Training Course, here’s how you can get help:

The entire course consists of 9 Modules, a Forum, so you can ask your questions, and interact with me, and other members.

  • In Module 1 you’ll learn how to Purchase the RIGHT Domain Name and Get Your Own Awesome Deal on a Web Hosting Provider, and get the Domain Name and the Web Hosting Configured the RIGHT WAY, so you can have your Website UP and Running in Less than an HOUR..Also I share with you so many tips and tricks that are available in your web hosting account, that Most People Don’t KNOW. You will learn how to use FTP, and how to trasnfer files from your computer to the Web Hosting Account.
  • Module 2 provides you the information that you need to get Your First WordPress Installed and Configured RIGHT, you will learn about the different WAYS to install and configure WordPress the EASY and the RIGHT way. I know you want your new blog or website to be up and running as soon as possible, so I give you great recommendations, so that Google and Other Search Engines, can quickly and easily find your newly created website. 
  • In Module 3. You will know exactly what you need to know, on How to setup your blog, and the pages, needed on your website, and how to import or export content, from other blogs, and how to spread your content, so others can consume it, and also, I will show you how to start using plugins, and how to know, who is coming and who is visiting your website or blog.
  • In Module 4, I will provide you with step by step procedure how to become more hands on with more advanced topics, such as customizing the look and feel of your wordpress website, and by editing some of the style sheets (if this is not clear now, it will become clear once you watch the video) and how to embed videos and audio within your wordpress website, so that you can post interviews and audio testimonials from your customers, and also, you will master, the art of building wordpress websites, so that you can build your own custom made website, for you and others, and may be charge them for that, and make more money.If you master this module you will almost be fluent, with most wordpress features and tips and tricks, and you will have more information about wordpress than 80% of the people, who actually been using wordpress for years, and by that time you probably you had spent 3 hours of your time.
  • In Module 5, you will learn what you must know about how to Make Money with WordPress and how to generate Income, you will master creating your own membership sites, so that you can sell your premium content, to others, just like what I am doing now, and also, you will learn how to add fresh content, quickly and easily to your wordpress website, and you will learn 3 other techniques, that generate cash for you on the side.
  • In Module 6, you will get the lowdown, Search Engine Optimization, and how to create a wordpress site, or blog that is totally optimized for Search engines, so that Google and other search engines, can find your content, and send more visitors and eyeballs to your website. You will learn a special keyword research technique that I use, and I will walk you through the way I do my keyword research, and and a productivity technique that will make your SEO effort worthwhile, and pays off.
  • Email List, will be the topic of Module 7. you will never be in doubt on How to build your own list? a list of loyal subscribers, so that you can communicate with your prospects anytime you want. You will learn how to communicate with your prospects regularly and how to setup a sequence, of email messages,that communicates with your subscribers and prospects on a regular basis on auto pilot. You do the work once. And also you will learn about a cool technique where your subscribers, can get emails from you automatically whenever you post any new content, on your wordpress blog.
  • Step by Step Social Media Marketing and WordPress techniques in Module 8, so that you can increase your trustworthiness, and the readership of your content. In this day and age no wordpres course is complete, without mastering social media, so that you increase your subscribers, and artfully promote your website or blog. You will learn how to master the 2 kings of social media, facebook, and Twitter, along with free available tools, to increase the percentage of your website visitors, and also develop a long standing relationship with your prospective readers.
  • Module 9 is rich with a variety of various plugins, that I personally use, so that you can master how to setup Image sliders, so you can show your product or service, setup a forum, so that you can interact with your community, how to start accepting payments, and donations, so you can easily get paid, and how to make your website a Mobile Friendly website, so that everyone, regardless what device can read and interact with your content. It is very well worth making mention of these amazing plugins, so you can make your website or blog more user friendly.

All these modules are designed, to make you learn WordPress fast, and with a complete beginner mind. It is like holding your hand and showing you how easy and fun to master the art of WordPress.

Also think about it, we are a knowledge economy, and lacking the basic wordpress skills, won't help you or advance your career. We live in this day and age where such web knowledge is a MUST HAVE. And You can start now, with a price that's less than what you spend in a few meals.


* You can view and review the lessons materials indefinitely, whenever you wish. From your computer, iPad, or Mobile Device. No excuse but to master the art of blogging and WordPress websites.
* Membership is per person and is not transferable.