My Name is Tarek Alaaddin, and I work for Altitude Info. Systems, LLC based on Austin, Texas. And I wanted to welcome you to your website the Easy WP Training program, and tell you about why I am doing this, and what my goals are, with this venture..  Tarek Alaaddin Pic 
In case you haven't followed me, or heard about me, in my other blog. - , you should know, by now, that I am a fanatic about two things:
1) Learning and Improving my Communication Skills (Being a Toastmaster Member), and Reading books about Communication and Marketing
2) Providing precise, step by step information to my readers.
In the easy WP Training program, this fanaticism, is clearly apparent.
I continued to learn, and master, to perfect the art of speech communication, and Video. To make easy for you, to show you how easy you can get started with WordPress, and how to become a wordpress master, and save some money, by creating your own websites, tweaking them the way you like. And also learning the secrets of how to make money with your WordPress blogs.
Nothing in this training system, is theoretical. Each technique has been tested and retested to make sure it works. But if you still want more comfort, here's my pledge:
If you go through the lessons, and if you don't understand how something works, don't see how it fits in the bigger picture, of achieving and creating a highly successful blog or website, just use the support page, and drop me a line, or we can schedule a phone conversation, and see if there is a way I can help you in other ways. Or simply ask it inside the forum, or either me, or other members will respond. This program, is designed to be as interactive, as possible, and it is not just a one way communication, and remember my goal in anything I do, is WIN WIN.
Please understand, I am not just creating a new ONLINE training program, to help you master WordPress, and understand how WordPress works, and how to take it to the next level. No... I am entering a relationship with you to help you understand, how WordPress works, and how it can all fit in the big picture.
Everyone I worked with, I developed an awesome friendship with. And I have made many new friends. I hope you will be one of them. I hope that, I will be of assistance to you, and I hope that, in return, share what you know, with me, because I know, that I have lots left to learn.
If you like what you read, then I highly recommend that you sign up, and become part of this community. We are all learning from
each other, and definitely can benefit from each other.

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