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  • Learn WordPress fast, you will be able to create, manage, and update your new WordPress website in maximum 2 Hours or Less
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  • Easy and Accessible Classes organized in a Module Format, that takes you by hand to get your new website ready the RIGHT WAY! and it feels like you are following a plan that will take you from No Domain Name all the Way to a Great Looking Website, that Captures Attention, Promote Your Business, and Generate Money
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  • Not sure about a lesson, or something is not clear, or got a question? Ask it in the member’s ONLY community forum, or leave a comment below each lesson - This is not just one way training program, it is an interactive program, where you can ask questions, and get answers.
  • Everything was created with the absolute beginner in mind, so you’ll never feel like you’re listening to a rambling tech geek, and no one expects you to be a coding coding super-warrior! if you know how to use a mouse, then you are ready!
  • This course was designed for YOU as the entrepreneur! — a course that knows that you are the creator—- And you want to accomplish tasks as fast as you can, and with this system you will
  • The final result will be a great customizable website, where you can be in charge of every word, and your new website, won’t look like a 5 year old website, or website that was created in the 90s
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What is it Worth For You, to Become a WordPress Guru?

  • Save over $1000, by creating your own website, the way you like it, and you can use one of the Free Premium Themes, that Are Included in the Membership Area
  • Blogging Skills and WordPress are Must Have Skills for Many Employers, with the Easy WordPress Training Program, you will acquire all the Skills that you need to impress your employer
  • You will be able to create websites on the side for other people, and may be charge them for it, you can make more than 4 times, what you paid for this course, with just 1 sale
  • Spread your ideas, share your beliefs and promote your cause, to the World using your Own Professional WordPress Blog or Website
  • Implement that Internet Marketing Course, that you bought but never got a chance to implement, because without knowing WordPress, You Won't be able to create and implement, the techniques and the skills required in that Course (Also as a Bonus, you will get an Introduction to Internet Marketing Inside the Membership Area)
  • Impress your Family and Friends, and Show Your OFF your Web Design Skills
  • Avoid being Ripped Off by Web Designers, because after finishing this Course, you Won't Need them, because You Got the Necessary Skills Needed to Build an Amazing Looking Website within Hours

You Will Learn:

  • Module 1 - Get the Right Domain, a High Quality Web Host

    In Module 1 you’ll learn how to Purchase the RIGHT Domain Name and Get Your Own Awesome Deal on a Web Hosting Provider, and get the Domain Name and the Web Hosting Configured the RIGHT WAY, so you can have your Website UP and Running in Less than an HOUR..Also I share with you so many tips and tricks that are available in your web hosting account, that Most People Don’t KNOW. You will learn how to use FTP, and how to trasnfer files from your computer to the Web Hosting Account.

  • Module 2 - Configure and Install WordPress the RIGHT WAY

    In Module 2 you will learn what you need to get Your First WordPress Installed and Configured RIGHT, you will learn about the different WAYS to install and configure WordPress the EASY and the RIGHT way. I know you want your new blog or website to be up and running as soon as possible, so I give you great recommendations, so that Google and Other Search Engines, can quickly and easily find your newly created website.

  • Module 3 – Advanced WordPress Techniques Part I

    You will know exactly what you need to know, on How to setup your blog, and the pages, needed on your website, and how to import or export content, from other blogs, and how to spread your content, so others can consume it, and also, I will show you how to start using plugins, and how to know, who is coming and who is visiting your website or blog.

  • Module 4 – Advanced WordPress Techniques Part II

    In Module 4, you will become fluent with step by step procedure how to become more hands on with more advanced topics, such as customizing the look and feel of your wordpress website, and by editing some of the style sheets (if this is not clear now, it will become clear once you watch the video) and how to embed videos and audio within your wordpress website, so that you can post interviews and audio testimonials from your customers, and also, you will master, the art of building wordpress websites, so that you can build your own custom made website, for you and others, and may be charge them for that, and make more money.If you master this module you will almost be fluent, with most wordpress features and tips and tricks, and you will have more information about wordpress than 80% of the people, who actually been using wordpress for years, and by that time you probably you had spent 3 hours of your time.

  • Module 5 – Make Money With WordPress

    In Module 5, you will learn what you must know about how to Make Money with WordPress and how to generate Income, you will master creating your own membership sites, so that you can sell your premium content, to others, just like what I am doing now, and also, you will learn how to add fresh content, quickly and easily to your WordPress website, and you will learn 3 other techniques, that generate cash for you on the side.

  • Bonus Module 6 – SEO and Link Building

    In this Bonus Module 6, you will get the lowdown, Search Engine Optimization, and how to create a wordpress site, or blog that is totally optimized for Search engines, so that Google and other search engines, can find your content, and send more visitors and eyeballs to your website. You will learn a special keyword research technique that I use, and I will walk you through the way I do my keyword research, and and a productivity technique that will make your SEO effort worthwhile, and pays off.

  • Bonus Module 7 – List Building Tips

    In this Bonus Module 7. you will never be in doubt on How to build your own list? a list of loyal subscribers, so that you can communicate with your prospects anytime you want. You will learn how to communicate with your prospects regularly and how to setup a sequence, of email messages,that communicates with your subscribers and prospects on a regular basis on auto pilot. You do the work once. And also you will learn about a cool technique where your subscribers, can get emails from you automatically whenever you post any new content, on your wordpress blog.

  • Bonus Module 8 - WordPress and Social Media Marketing

    Step by Step Social Media Marketing and WordPress techniques all Covered Bonus Module 8, so that you can increase your trustworthiness, and the readership of your content. In this day and age no wordpres course is complete, without mastering social media, so that you increase your subscribers, and artfully promote your website or blog. You will learn how to master the 2 kings of social media, facebook, and Twitter, along with free available tools, to increase the percentage of your website visitors, and also develop a long standing relationship with your prospective readers.

What Other People Say About my Training

This was very helpful and saved me lots of time. I was trying for hours to figure out how to add a forum to my website, then I found your video which was a total blessing! Thank you so much!!! God Bless you Rose Hilton,
Thank you, this was a very good and educational video, and it helped me alot. trully appreciated it... ps what software did you use to create the video, it sounded and looked great expressvideo,
Awesome video! Tarek, you are a life saver. I have been trying to figure out how to show multiple themes for months. This plugin made my day. Excellent video, keep up the great work. Fred @ Online Profits Factory dot com OnlineVideoProfits,
I would like to tell you that i have never ever commented on any video on youtube since i have my account... since you saved my website and my life i would like to thank you deeply.. you are the best!!! thanx again MrArjun4ever,
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To Summarize here, is what you going to get:

  • You will learn, how to start you own Self Hosted WordPress Blog, Hosted on your own account, configured for optimal performance, in less than 2 Hours
  • You will always have lifetime access to the Training Portal, so you can learn anytime, anywhere, and from any device
  • You will learn the Basics of Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Analysis, and Social Media Promotion
  • Build your own WordPress website, enhance your current website, and learn how to create websites for others as well
  • Interactive Learning, using the Member Only Forum. Got a question about a specific video, that you are not sure about, ask it, and you will get it an answer
  • No Computer Skills Required. If you know how to use a mouse and a keyboard, then you will be able to quickly and easily follow all the videos in the training portal
  • You will learn, how to build your own list, and you will be able to schedule automated emails, as soon as you post new content, on your WordPress Blog or Website
  • You will get a comprehensive WordPress Training, for the Price of a dinner and a movie, that training and knowledge, will last for years to come

Remember You Are Covered, with a Cheerful 60 Days Money Back Guarantee - You got Nothing to Lose but a Lot to Learn - I am confident that the Easy WordPress Training, will help you get Started with creating your own WordPress Site in Less than 2 Hours - and will show you the 7 Fastest Easy Ways to Make Money with Your WordPress Blog or Website.

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